Jane Seymour, 72 years old, shows her two twin sons whom she gave birth to at the age of 44 – “handsome men.”

Jane Seymour is a name synonymous with grace, talent, and timeless beauty in the world of entertainment. Renowned for her versatile acting career, this 72-year-old woman has graced screens with her exceptional performances for decades.

Aside from her status as a Hollywood icon, Seymour is also an author and a devoted mother.

In fact, she has embraced the challenges and joys of motherhood, including the unique experience of raising twin sons.

Seymour, who has been married and divorced four times, is the proud mother of Katherine, 41, and Sean Flynn, 38, born from her marriage to David Flynn. She also shares her twin sons, John Stacy and Kristopher Steven, aged 27, from her marriage to filmmaker James Keach.

Seymour’s Journey to Motherhood

Seymour’s path to motherhood was filled with obstacles, with the actress candidly admitting to People that in vitro fertilization had resulted in two miscarriages, almost leading her and her then-husband, Keach, to give up on their hopes. However, her third pregnancy at the age of 44 proved to be a success, giving birth to her twin sons, John and Kristopher.

The boys were premature, born six weeks early via emergency cesarean section due to pre-eclampsia. The twins faced challenges right from the start. The pregnancy and delivery held numerous risks, and Seymour and the twins narrowly escaped a tragic outcome. She revealed in an interview with Loose Women, “I almost died giving birth to them, and the babies almost died.”

However, Seymour never regretted taking that risk, stating, “I’m very glad I had them.” The premature birth of the twins required careful monitoring during their early days. Seymour disclosed that both boys had health issues, with Johnny turning blue on two occasions after coming home from the hospital.

That’s why they returned to the hospital, where their breathing, swallowing, and sucking were monitored. Seymour was clearly devoted to her twins’ well-being.

She made choices that allowed her to be fully present for her children, often taking them with her during film shoots. As the twins grew, they not only became stronger but also developed a deep bond. Seymour revealed that they loved sleeping in the same crib and later shared the same bed.

Fans Adore Jane Seymour’s Sons

Recently, Ms. Seymour shared a heartwarming photo of herself with her twin sons, who, according to her fans, have grown tall and handsome, towering over her. Her admirers flooded the photo with affectionate comments: “I love this, Jane. The boys are so handsome, and you look beautiful.”

Others joined in, adding, “Two handsome men! And a beautiful mother!” The praise continued with comments like “Handsome sons!” and “Your boys are handsome.”

The outpouring of love continued with remarks such as, “You three look beautiful together!” and “They resemble their father. Handsome men.”

Quality time with Kris and Johnny! ?

Seymour’s journey as a mother of twins, with its challenges and triumphs, speaks to the strength of maternal love. Even today, as her grown and handsome twins stand above her, she continues to celebrate the joys of parenthood and the enduring power of love.

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