“Arthur and TF1, it’s over: after 30 years on the air, the host is fired for the same reasons as Jarry, it’s shameful.”

According to information from Public, Arthur has reportedly decided to end one of his shows. Launched just a few weeks ago, the game show “The Wheel,” which did not achieve the success expected by TF1, apparently didn’t really captivate its producer and host. It’s a wrap!

A quick look at TF1’s schedule, and then it’s gone… According to information gathered by public.fr, Arthur has reportedly decided to put an end to his new show, “The Wheel,” after only three episodes. Launched this summer, the game show “The Wheel: Le cercle des 7” did not really meet the expected success.

The three episodes aired on June 9th, 23rd, and 30th achieved disappointing ratings, with an average of 2.03 million viewers, 13.9% of the audience, and still 25.4% of housewives (in overnight ratings). These ratings apparently didn’t appeal to both the producer and the broadcaster, who, in mutual agreement, decided to swiftly conclude this show.

In “The Wheel,” adapted from a British format of the same name, Arthur presented seven celebrities with challenges related to their areas of expertise, all with the goal of winning as many prizes and gifts as possible for the three contestants they represented.

Former lawyer Caroline Anglade, antique dealer Caroline Margeridon, former First Lady Valérie Trierweiler, as well as actor Gérard Jugnot and celebrity chef Yves Camdeborde were among the guests. Despite an appealing cast, different from the usual lineups of “VTEP” and “Le Grand Concours,” the show did not find its audience.

However, Arthur is not finished collaborating with TF1. As we revealed, the host and producer of “Le Grand Concours” will film a special 20th-anniversary episode of the game show in November, at the Cirque d’Hiver, featuring the greatest champions of the game, such as Christophe Beaugrand and Julien Arnaud. According to our information, Arthur is also working on two new formats, including the adaptation of a well-known board game. Stay tuned for more developments!

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