“Trolls criticized him for kissing his young son on the lips – he has a strong response for them.”

Tom, originally from England, never misses an opportunity to express his love for his young son, Roman. However, when their public displays of affection started circulating on social media, some people weren’t very pleased.

Attacked for kissing his five-year-old son on the lips, this family man from northern England refuses to give in to the trolls who accuse him of mistaking his child.

With simple logic and a lot of humor, the father defends himself and enjoys the support of Roman, who firmly declares to the threatening users, “you’re all crazy!”

The bond between a parent and their child is endearing and enduring, shaping the morals, principles, and personality of the little ones as they grow.

Every parent has a unique approach to raising their children, with some techniques influenced by culture, socioeconomic factors, mental and physical health, or simply personal preferences.

Tom, hailing from Yorkshire, England, is a devoted father of two children who refuses to let trolls and their negative comments influence his parenting style.

Frequently posting videos on TikTok, this family man catches the attention of many women who swoon over his icy blue eyes, accent, perfectly chiseled and tattooed body, or the love he has for his sons, Roman, 5 years old, and Raphael Reign, born in mid-May 2023.

In most of the videos Tom now shares on TikTok, he responds to accusations that he confuses Roman and puts the little boy in danger with strangers or infection.

But Tom refuses to give in.

On June 27th, the father from northern England stood up to an internet user who told him, “Gorgeous both but don’t kiss him on the lips.”

In his response, Tom emphasized that he would continue to shower his five-year-old son with love for as long as he could. Tom said, “I find it concerning that it bothers you. I will kiss my son, my five-year-old child, on the lips for as long as I deem it necessary and for as long as he lets me do it because I love him to bits, and he’s my best friend, and one day he won’t want me to do it anymore, and he probably won’t want much to do with me. So, for now, I continue as I am.”

Fans quickly sent messages of support, such as, “Love kisses with my children and now my granddaughter – people who think it’s wrong are the ones who worry.” Another person, who had lost her father, said, “This is absolutely ridiculous! I always kissed my father on the lips, and I lost him two years ago. I wish I could hug and kiss him again.”

Tom responded to the kind comments, saying, “He is the most loving little boy, and that’s because we’re raising him with love. Thank you for these comments.”

However, a user’s scandalous accusation prompted a swift video response from the father. The internet user wrote, “You shouldn’t kiss him because of the bacteria in your mouth. Do you know you can make your child more likely to get cavities if you have them and you kiss him?”

In a witty message that received nearly 123,000 likes, Tom shared the following message: “Wow, if I kiss my 5-year-old son on the lips, he’ll get cavities. He’ll get cavities because his daddy kissed him.” Tom then turns to Roman and asks him what he thinks. “Don’t be silly!” the boy responds, laughing, and sealing his statement with a kiss on his dad’s lips.

Fans had a lot to say about the unsupported claim that Tom kissing Roman would cause cavities. One of them wrote, “omg… who raised this person… you guys keep on kissing,” while another added, “this is so ridiculous… and I work as a dentist. Keep being the loving father you are… your son is so cute.”

In early July, Tom posted a viral video in which he is seen with Roman on his lap in the car. In this message, which received nearly 579,000 likes, Tom says, “Don’t worry. Absolutely nothing is going to change.” He then turns to his son and asks, “Roman, what do you think about people who think you shouldn’t kiss me on the lips?”

“You’re all crazy. He’s my dad!” Roman insists. The video ends with a sweet kiss.

Fans quickly rallied to support Tom’s message and the father himself, with one person writing, “Some people are just sick, he’s adorable, and he’ll tell you soon enough when he’s older if he doesn’t like it.” Another wrote, “In my culture, we kiss on the cheeks, but I really love this father-son relationship.”

One female internet user intervened, addressing the trolls targeting the Yorkshire father, and asked, “Do you have a problem with him kissing him on the lips because he’s a man? Because if it were his mother, I’m sure you wouldn’t do this.”

In response to this comment and thanking the woman for shedding light on this important issue, Tom said, “I was really interested to hear that because it’s something I’ve thought too. I genuinely believe nothing would have been said if it was a mother kissing a little boy… I don’t know, but for some reason, when it’s a man, a father kissing his little boy, there’s always something said, and I don’t know why, because it’s always from some weird minority.” He continued, “I’m glad it’s a woman saying it too, so I really appreciate it… and I won’t change anything.”

In another video clip, the father appeared visibly frustrated in his response to a comment suggesting that gentle gestures would make the little boy vulnerable to malicious strangers.

“Don’t kiss your children on the lips. Because not all humans have good intentions, you see what I mean? Don’t make it acceptable,” the commenter said.

Tom responded jokingly, “The logic here is that if I kiss my 5-year-old child, he will think it’s okay to just go and kiss strangers, weird adults… obviously! Suppressing laughter, he continued, “Let’s apply that logic. I can’t have him get into my car anymore to take him somewhere because he might get into a stranger’s car and think that’s normal. He can’t live in my house anymore… well, he might walk into a stranger’s house and think that’s normal.”

The devoted father then offered a different perspective, saying, “Or, we could, listen to this, we could… teach him that he has a mom and a dad, and kissing them is normal, but kissing Barry down the street is a bit weird.”

The majority of his online community members support Tom and admire the love he has for his son. It’s clear that Tom doesn’t let online trolls dictate how he should be a good parent!

As for your question, opinions on parents kissing their children on the lips can vary widely across cultures and individuals. Some see it as a loving and affectionate gesture, while others may have different boundaries or cultural norms. Ultimately, what’s important is that parents and their children have a loving and healthy relationship, and the way they express affection can vary from family to family. Whether it’s a mother or a father, what matters most is the love and care they provide to their children.


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