“A mother of two children is criticized after sharing a video of a family picnic at her husband’s grave on Father’s Day.”

“We all remember our lost loved ones differently. Families often have traditions to honor those who have passed away, and it is only right that these traditions are respected by others.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as the family of the late Mark Rosenthal knows all too well. According to reports, Mark passed away 13 years ago, but his family still visits his grave to celebrate his life.

For Mark’s family, the loss of Mark is a tragedy that will never truly heal, but they have found that by feeling closer to him, they can help alleviate the pain of his absence. Despite this, they have faced online insults for how they mark a special day on the calendar…

Robin Rosenthal lost her husband Mark in 2010. She then raised the couple’s children, Sam and Emma, on her own in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

For Robin, it was important to keep Mark’s memory alive in every way possible, and of course, Sam and Emma were more than willing to do the same. That’s why the family started posting videos of themselves spending time at Mark’s grave.

One particular video, filmed in June 2022, showed them sharing a Father’s Day lunch they had spent camping on the grass.

MSN readers can watch the video by clicking here: [insert link]”

The short clip, intended to be humorous, shows Emma and Robin eating sandwiches. “Father’s Day lunch with dad!” Sam can be heard saying in the footage, before asking his mother where Mark is.

“There, in the ground,” Robin replies.

As they continue to eat, Robin tosses a French fry towards Mark’s grave.

However, while the Rosenthal family was celebrating Mark’s life in their own way, not everyone who watched their videos online was as enthusiastic.

One person commented, “This mother is creepy.”

“I am speechless; this is such a lack of respect,” another person said.

“Lack of respect,” a third one stated.

A fourth person added, “It’s weird, they have sauce or something on their mouths, they’re sitting dancing, it’s very unpleasant to watch.”

Nevertheless, the Rosenthals posted another Father’s Day celebration video this year, much to the delight of their 600,000 TikTok subscribers.

Like last year, the video received mixed reactions. Some felt that the family had the right to remember Mark as they saw fit, while others were more critical of the type of content filmed by Robin and her children.

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