Optical Illusion to Test Your Vision: A frog is hiding in plain sight among the lotus flowers. Can you find the frog in 7 seconds? Test your observation skills now!

Optical Illusions are a great way to test one’s observation skills. These illusions play with our visual system and make us believe that what we see is real.

In the image shared above, numerous lotus flowers can be seen in various stages of blooming.

At first glance, your eyes will catch the blooming flowers.There is a frog hiding somewhere in the picture, and your task is to spot it in 7 seconds.

The frog can be spotted in the top right corner of the image, but it is difficult to recognise it at first glance as its skin colour matches that of the leaves and unbloomed lotuses.Were you able to find the frog?

If so, how quickly did you manage to spot it?We believe most of our sharp-eyed readers have spotted the frog already.Some of you might be curious to see where the frog is.

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