Nicknamed “Teddy Bear”, this man with impressive hairiness embraces it and won’t ever shave

Portrait of a very hairy man who has decided to assume his physical particularity.

Being extremely hairy is not always easy to live with and even less so in our society where we attach a lot (too much?) importance to our appearance.

To free themselves from this diktat, some however choose to assume their hairiness and display it in broad daylight.

This is particularly the case of an influencer who calls himself “Mister Teddy Bear” (“Mister Teddy Bear”).

Very active on social networks, the latter does not go unnoticed with his fur worthy of a werewolf!

Endowed with an impressive hairiness, he has indeed decided to assume his hair that he would not shave for anything in the world.

It has been years since he gave up waxing, even giving up on laser hair removal .

Today, he feels more fulfilled than ever, but that wasn’t always the case.

It was at the age of 13, then in full puberty, that he realized that he was much hairier than his comrades. This excessive hair quickly became a complex, especially since his girlfriends demanded that he remove hair.

” Unfortunately, in the past, I had ex-girlfriends who made me feel ashamed because of my hair and made me shave it ,” he told the LadBible website .

But one fine day, he decided to say stop to all that!

“ Never again. Either you accept me as a werewolf, or you go somewhere else ,” he says, not without a certain sense of humour.

This choice changed his life and gave him a boost of self-confidence. Today, he is very followed on social networks, where he distills advice on the maintenance of hair or beard, even making his own lotions.

Admiring, many Internet users salute his courage.

However, some people’s mindsets won’t change overnight and sometimes people are rude, to put it mildly, towards “Mr Teddy Bear”.

He tells :

“ I’m used to people’s reactions at this stage, but unfortunately they’re still shocked (…) When I walk into a room and people see me wearing a tank top that I’m not ashamed of, sometimes someone one points at me and says something about my appearance. More often than not, this simply translates to strangers asking if they can pet me like I’m an emotional support dog .”

And to conclude: “ We are just going to do a quick public service announcement: please never pet a stranger like he is a dog ”.

The message got through!


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