Stray, pregnant cat finds refuge with a pregnant woman and gives birth the same day as her

In the United States, a pregnant woman took in an adorable stray cat who was also waiting for a happy event. They gave birth the same day.

Lauren Maners is a young woman who loves animals. This American volunteers at shelters and welcomes pets into her home until they find a new home.

In 2020, the latter temporarily stopped her activities to live her pregnancy in peace. Her resolve was shattered when she found a white female cat in a parking lot.

Alone and in bad shape, the ball of fur was also waiting for a happy event. Faced with this situation, Lauren and her companion decided to take her under their roof. Future mothers quickly became inseparable.

” I knew she was in bad shape and I also felt a kind of connection with her because we were both pregnant ,” Lauren told The Dodo.

After a visit to the vet, the couple discovered that the cat would give birth around the same time as her mistress. And the least we can say is that the doctor’s prognosis turned out to be correct.

In May 2020, Lauren gave birth to an adorable baby girl named Kylie. For her part, the cat – called Dove – became the mother of six kittens. The Maners family discovered the babies on their way home from the maternity ward.

” They were most likely born at the same time as the baby ,” Lauren told the news site.

The little felines and their mother lived for several months with their hosts. Together, they spent unforgettable moments. Today, Dove lives with a friend of Lauren’s. For their part, the kittens were adopted by a loving family.

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