This firefighter finds a little girl in a baby box and decides to adopt her

In the United States, a firefighter adopted an abandoned newborn from a “baby box” in Florida. The firefighter wanted to publicize his story to reassure the biological mother of the child.

You may not know it, but the country of Uncle Sam is home to a large number of ” baby boxes “. This device allows women in difficulty to anonymously abandon their newborn baby in a small heated and secure drawer.

These boxes – which are equipped with an alarm – are found in fire stations, health establishments and even police stations. Six months ago, a little girl who had been dropped off in one of these boxes was adopted by a kind-hearted firefighter.

This story began on the night of January 2, 2023 in Ocala, a city located in the state of Florida. The firefighter, who wished to remain anonymous, was on duty when he heard an alarm at around 2 a.m. that an infant had been placed in the baby box.

“ To be honest, I was convinced it was a false alarm ,” the agent told the American daily Today. But when he opened the box, he found a little girl wrapped in a pink blanket. He immediately felt an outpouring of love for the child.

The firefighter , who is also a paramedic, dreamed of starting a family with his wife. Unfortunately, the couple was never able to realize their dearest dream. Faced with this situation, the two spouses had made the choice to turn to adoption.

And the least we can say is that the appearance of the little girl was synonymous with a miracle for the paramedic and his companion. After dropping the child off at the hospital, the firefighter announced his desire to adopt him. A request that was accepted by the authorities.

Two days later, the firefighter then returned home with the baby, who was given the name Zoey. Note that the couple officially adopted the little girl last April.

In his interview, the father said he still couldn’t believe how it all happened, and it was hard not to cry as he told the story: “The way I found…it was God who was helping us ”.

He wanted to publicize his story so that Zoey’s biological mother ” knows that her child is being taken care of “.

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