This Peugeot crosses the… million kilometers in the factory where it was assembled

Incredible but true ! A Peugeot has just covered a million kilometers to the delight of its owner, but also of the very proud workers of the famous car brand.

If some of you had doubts about the reliability of French cars, this unusual story should clear them up.

A Peugeot 307 (HDI) has just covered… a million kilometres!

Yes, you read correctly!

As a symbol, this vehicle and its happy owner, Fabrice Gommé, exceeded this fateful bar on May 27, 2022 in the brand’s assembly plant, in Sochaux (Doubs).

Originally from Picardy, Fabrice acquired this eternal car 16 years ago in 2007, when it had only 6,000 kilometers on the clock. And since then, he has never stopped riding with it.

As the million kilometers approached, the idea of ​​joining the Peugeot factory germinated in his mind and it was therefore quite natural that he went there during a journey in good shape. of pilgrimage, in homage to the workers of the sign.

“ Look at them, it’s human warmth. We look at each other, we understand each other. We do this together. They did the car, we the miles. And my mechanic did the maintenance (…) I absolutely wanted to see the people who tightened the bolts and the engines , ”said the millionaire motorist at the microphone of France Télévisions .

“ This car has circled the earth almost 25 times, it has spent 5,510 nights under the stars, without a garage, it has little rust. It is surprising after 15 years to see her in this state , ”added the person concerned.

” At the time, we didn’t have all the data, but I had done some research, I had read a lot of the magazine press, and I had found out about one engine in particular, the one fitted to the 307 and which allowed to go at least up to 500,000 km. By choosing this engine, I knew that I would go far, but I did not imagine going up to a million kilometres ”, he continued.

The car has shown exceptional longevity, especially since only the alternator and the clutch box have been changed in the last 15 years. The vehicle will therefore have survived around forty revisions to which are added 11 technical inspections.

Only small downside, the counter remained stuck at 999,999 kilometers because the manufacturers had certainly not expected that the million mark would be crossed one day.

No matter, the main thing was of course elsewhere!

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