These revolutionary electric bikes do not require batteries or recharging, a world-first

Electric bikes with polluting batteries that cannot be recycled are almost over. All this thanks to the ingenuity of a French manufacturer who opted for a super-capacitor.

It was in the Loiret, in Orléans, that the PI-POP electric bike was born , without batteries or recharging. A world first on the verge of revolutionizing the world of cycling.

But then, if this bike has no battery or charging, how can it be electric ? The bike is actually powered by super capacitors. It took seven years of reflection, research and development to perfect this ecological concept.

As the Orleans-based company humorously reveals, it is “the first electrically assisted bicycle in the world that only needs… you! “.

It is while pedaling that the energy is created and found stored in the super-capacitor. This allows a very fast recharging of the system whose energy can then be used to attack the coasts for example. With the PI-POP electric bike, you no longer need to recharge your battery on the mains. It is by pedaling that it will fill up.

This smart method is also more environmentally friendly than electric bikes whose batteries are made from rare materials (such as lithium) and difficult to recycle. The PI-POP bike’s super capacitor is made from carbon, aluminum, cellulose and polymers, which are easier to recycle.

Finally, its lifespan is longer and estimated between 10 to 15 years against 3 to 5 for a conventional battery. The use of a greener electric bike has a cost, 2450 euros.

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