At only 13 years old, this American student obtains a university degree

In the United States, a 13-year-old teenager has just won a… university degree.

At only 13 years old, Elijah Muhammed has just obtained a university degree . The teenager from Oklahoma (USA) has become the youngest African-American student in the state to earn a degree in computer science and cybersecurity.

The one who started his higher education in August 2020 went to the ceremony last Saturday with his family: “ He is the smartest person I know. I’ve never seen someone like him ,” the young winner’s older sister told a local television channel.

For his part, the principal concerned keeps his feet on the ground: ” I didn’t really realize until my father explained it to me and said to me, ‘You’re really doing this. You’re the youngest to do it ,'” Elijah told the US outlet.

As People magazine points out, Elijah grew up in a close-knit family. The young man was able to count on the support of his older sister, who graduated at the age of 15: ” We are very competitive, but she helps me a lot and encourages me to give the best of myself- even ”.

At home, Elijah behaves like a teenager his own age. He practices several sports, including swimming and basketball. He loves to have fun with his friends and multiplies outings with them.

One thing is certain: he is the pride of his parents and his community college, The Oklahoma City Community College.

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