A CEO sells his company and bequeaths more than two million euros to his employees

In Vendée, a CEO showed generosity towards his employees: after selling his company, he donated more than two million euros to them. The France 3 Regions camera went to meet him.

Jean-Yves Glumineau is not a boss like the others. For 18 years, the latter was the head of Vitrage TIV, a company based in Treize-Septiers (Vendée), report our colleagues from France 3 Regions. On December 15, the Vendéen reserved a huge surprise for its employees.He bequeaths more than two million euros to his employees
That day, the CEO announced his retirement and the sale of his business. But that’s not all! It also donated 2,680,000 euros to its 150 employees. This colossal sum, which comes from the sale, will be distributed in the form of a bonus.

Through his generous gesture, Jean-Yves Glumineau wishes to reward the work of his collaborators: ” He told us that it was for our participation “, details an employee at the information site. In total, each employee will receive an average of 18,000 euros gross.

For his part, the boss affirms that his gift “is not generosity but recognition”: “If the employees had not been involved in growing the company, we would not have been here today. today. This bonus is legitimate ,” he said.

In his interview, Jean-Yves Glumineau specifies that 60% of the amount of the bonus goes to employer and employee charges: ” The charges are confiscatory, It’s a shame to want to reward your employees and to be cut off from so much money because of charges.

Finally, employees will receive 7000 euros net.

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