Suffering from trisomy 21, she gives birth to a with the same disease and raises him as a single mother

In the United States, a woman with trisomy 21 gave birth to a baby boy with the same condition. Despite the difficulties, this single mother does everything possible to raise her son in the best possible conditions with the help of his mother.

Twenty-seven years ago, Lisa, a woman with Down syndrome, gave birth to a baby boy named Nic. And the least we can say is that Lisa is a real fighter. Indeed, she assumed her role as a single mother and faced the challenges with her son, who has the same disease as her.

As Brightside reports, Lisa got pregnant when she was 30. At the time, she was in a relationship with a colleague, who also had Down’s syndrome. The latter was present alongside the young woman during childbirth, but the two lovers ended their relationship some time later.

For her part, Patti, Lisa’s mother, was shocked to learn of her daughter’s pregnancy: ” I was checking my emails and there was a message from Lisa that said: ” Hello mama, I just wanted to call you to tell you that you were going to be a grandmother,’ ” the grandmother told the news site.

Before adding: ” A lot of people, even close friends, said to me ” Patti, you shouldn’t accept this, you can do an open adoption and stay in the baby’s life “.

She chose to settle near her daughter and help raise her son, as she had just remarried and was planning to travel the world.

After giving birth, the two women decided to divide up the roles. For example, Lisa changed Nic’s diapers and gave him his bath, under the supervision of Patti. The young mother breastfed her baby before switching to formula two weeks later.

Now 27, Nic was largely raised by his 75-year-old grandmother . Lisa lives in a nearby apartment and maintains a close bond with her son, who suffered a significant loss at the age of 5 when his father lost his life to heart disease. Norm, Patti’s husband, who Nic affectionately called dad, sadly passed away in 2021.

Despite the difficulties, the small family remains very united. Lisa and her child have developed a wonderful bond. In Nic’s words, his mother is a ” loving and caring ” person. The young man also has great admiration for his grandmother, who has always been there for him: “ I consider myself lucky to have two incredible mothers ”.

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