The chef of a restaurant defends his waitress, belittled by wealthy customers, and forbids them to come back

In Wales, in the city of Cardiff, a restaurant waitress was belittled by a group of customers. Despite the imposing amount of their note, the head of the establishment did not hesitate to denounce their unacceptable behavior.

Lily is a 22-year-old woman who is a waitress in a restaurant in Cardiff, Wales. While she was in full service, she encountered a group of customers who behaved very badly with her. Indeed, the group was disrespectful and harassed the waitress throughout the evening.

In tears, the young woman confided in the chef of the restaurant, fearing his reaction. Although the customers were at fault, they had the establishment ‘s largest bill , amounting to $1,200. However, contrary to what Lily feared, the chef of the restaurant decided to defend her.

“I think we should start talking about the rich who think they can treat people like crap ,” he wrote in an email posted to Twitter.

The restaurant’s chef, Lee Skeet, is fully aware of the situation, being a manager and the father of a little girl. He decided to denounce the unacceptable behavior of the group and supported his colleague. Revolted, he forbade his customers to return to his restaurant.

“I wanted to first thank you for choosing my restaurant for your meal tonight, and I would like to point out that you had the biggest bill we have ever had,” he said . Unfortunately, throughout the evening, I was informed that your group’s behavior was inappropriate towards Lily, who runs the venue. She told me that as a 22-year-old girl, she was looked down upon, disrespected, and touched in unwanted ways by members of your group.”

In addition to kicking out his customers, Lee Skeet decided to tip his waitress the full $1,200. The story quickly went viral on Twitter and netizens expressed their full support for Lily, and praised the restaurant’s chef for his exemplary behavior.

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