She falls in love with a homeless man she met outside a supermarket and they now have two children

In Britain, a woman encountered a homeless man while shopping. They quickly fell in love and are now engaged with two children.

Jasmine Grogan lives in Great Britain and is the mother of two children. A few years ago, when she went shopping, she saw a homeless man posted in front of the supermarket. As soon as he arrived, the young woman wanted to give him some money. A gesture that the homeless man , named Macauley Murchie, refused.

Upon leaving the store, the homeless decided to help Jasmine carry her shopping bags and load them to the car.

“I met a homeless man one day while shopping. I offered him money, he didn’t accept it. I went inside and continued shopping, but I couldn’t stop thinking about him… I went outside and asked him if I could help him in any way. He said no and asked if he could help me put my groceries in a taxi. I said yes , ” Jasmine said.

Jasmine and Macauley quickly fell in love with each other. After their first meeting, they continued to see each other and eventually fell in love .

“I asked if he wanted me to bring him something to eat, he was embarrassed but he said yes and we went to dinner ,” Jasmine said. We had a long discussion about his life, I went to buy him a small phone so that we could keep in touch. There was something different about him.”

The two lovers stayed in touch, and Jasmine confessed that she couldn’t stop thinking about him when they weren’t together. She bought him a hotel room so he wouldn’t live on the streets, invited him to her house and lent him clothes. Macauley then shaved off his beard, went to the dentist, and managed to find steady work. Today, Jasmine and Macauley are fully happy and have two children.

This beautiful story was told on the TikTok account of the young woman, who confided in her relationship. The video quickly went viral as it surpassed 8 million views.

“We now have two children, we are still together and very happy ,” said Jasmine. He’s the best dad and the most amazing fiancé. He asked me to marry me, of course I said yes. We are so happy that our paths crossed and we believe that everything happens for a reason. He made my life so much better and I couldn’t imagine living without him now.”

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