The mother entrusted her five-year-old daughter to the gypsies twenty-two years ago

The story of this little girl resembles that of fairy tales. Tina was five years old and lived with her mother, brothers and sisters.

But his mother Maria did not want to devote her time and energy to her children.

This woman rather preferred alcohol. She drank every day, often, leaving her children to content themselves only with bread.

One day Maria came across a gypsy camp and decided to get rid of one of her children.

And we’ll never know why she chose Tina. Even the gypsies were surprised by the inhuman behavior of this mother.

A gipsy has agreed to buy the little girl. And his mother took the money without any remorse.

Tina was brought with the gypsy camp. The woman who adopted the 5-year-old girl was called Lala.

She was a caring mother and the first time in her life the little girl felt that a mother can be loving.

Although the little girl fell into another world, she quickly got used to her new life and family.

Currently, Tina is 27 years old. The girl remembers her story and her real mother very well, but adores Lala and prefers the gypsy camp of their old house.

Tina has no desire to find her biological mother, but very much misses her sisters and brothers who she often misses.

Maybe one day she will find them.

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