A student built a 14 square meter house himself to avoid paying rent

Usually, the life of the students becomes difficult because of the rent they have to pay every month, since the accommodation obliges to spend the big part of their budget.

But there was an ingenious student who was able to find a solution for this problem.

Joel Weber, a student from Texas, is a creative soul. He built a wooden house to escape rent.

Of course, the young man had savings, without which it would be impossible to perform this work.

Joel built his 14 square meter house which was small, but with all the comforts.

The house was built on wheels so that it could be moved.

For the beginning, he studied certain principles of architecture. He spent all his savings of 13,000 euros.

But there are also friends who have helped him by providing necessary materials.

From the outside, the accommodation may seem too small. But when entering it, a beautiful spatial and comfortable view opens.

To arrange the space, Joel was very creative and made his own inventions, including the stairs which are used as shelves and which would also serve as decoration.

To make the living room spatial, the bed was located in the attic.

And now the house is ready and well furnished.

The kitchen and bathroom have all modern conveniences and are well equipped.

There are people who approach Joel to buy his house. But the student has no intention of selling it.

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