This dog was afraid of being brought back to the shelter and did not sleep at night watching his owners

This is a moving story of a recently adopted dog.

The Russell family decided to adopt a dog. They went to the shelter to choose the one they will like the most.

They noticed an obedient, friendly dog ​​with intelligent eyes. The children approved of their parents’ choice and liked the dog.

The new friend was called Trésor and was four years old. They took the dog to waters and were very happy to have a four-legged friend.

But after a short time, the owners noticed that there was something bothering the dog.

The family could not understand the reason for his strange behavior. But what they discovered surprised them.

At night, Trésor approached the door of their bedroom and watched her sleeping owners attentively.

They got worried and took the dog to the vet. On examining him, the vet announced that he was in very good health.

Mr. Russell decided to go to the shelter to speak with the staff to find out something about the animal’s nocturnal awakening.

What we said at the shelter moved Russell. They said the dog’s former owner gave him a sleeping pill before taking him back to the shelter.

And now the pooch was afraid of being taken away again and didn’t sleep at night watching his owners.

When he got home, Russell told this story to the family members and they decided never to cause the dog any harm, to love him, care for him and make him happy.

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