The man always disappeared into the forest to build a hut: he wants to live there forever

Many people need nature and solitude and they dream of living isolated, far from civilization.

A young man living on the island of Cyprus went to the thickets of the forest every day and spent several hours there.

Three weeks later, he hasn’t returned at all and his relatives decided to go looking for their friend to make sure nothing serious had happened.

The men went into the forest and started looking for him.

When they found a hut, they entered it and to their surprise discovered a comfortable and heated dwelling where one could find everything one needs for life.

To build a hut, the forest lover found a cozy glade with a tree, under which a hill rose.

This made the construction work quite easy, and it was necessary to dig not down, but straight up.

The man did not spend money on building materials, because in the forest there was everything.

He used sticks, logs and other wooden materials, which made it possible to build a reliable habitat.

Serious work was also carried out for the construction of the chimney.

Friends found out that everything was fine with the guy.

The man said that when he stayed in his accommodation for the night, he had unexpected visitors. They were wild boars, but quickly left.

Our hero has decided not to leave his hut to live there forever.

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