The little athlete who conquered social networks with his sports achievements is already 16 years old

It’s been 10 years since a video with a six-year-old athlete hit the internet. This boy with incredible strength is called Giuliano Stroe.

He was born in 2004 in Romania, and this summer the guy has already celebrated his 16th birthday.

At the age of six, Stroe could already stand on his hands and at the same time do push-ups, walk on his hands, perform various

elements on the rings, doing weightlifting and sitting in a transverse twine and other difficult exercises that many adult sportsmen do not manage to do.

During these 10 years, Giuliano continued his training.

At the age of 6-7, the boy actively participated in various competitions, breaking several records.

At age 11, Giuliano left gymnastics and bodybuilding for boxing.

Since then, he has learned a lot through constant intensive training.

He shares the videos of his training and his sports achievements on the WEB.

Lately, our hero decided to perform those elements of gymnastics that made him famous in childhood.

The results were shared on YouTube.

Currently, the teenager participates in boxing tournaments. He managed to achieve two important victories.

Soon he will fight in a competition for second place and the silver medal.

If Giuliano manages to win this match, he will fight for the gold medal.

The sportsman’s father has been helping and supporting him since childhood. He is his son’s personal trainer.

Giuliano’s supporters believe he will have a bright future.

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