The most muscular boy in the world is 30 years old: he is proud of his past

Richard Sandrak was born in 1992. At the age of 7, the boy became famous, as he was considered one of the most muscular boys in the world. He was called “the Hercules boy”.

Today, after so many years, her way of life has completely changed.

Richard got into weights and strength training under the influence of his parents who were world martial arts champions.

The boy comes from a Slavic country. But his family moved to the United States when he was two.

The parents hired a personal trainer, as they thought little Richard’s physical strength was unusual for his age.

At the age of 9, the boy met the famous actor and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger and after that the media around the world began to talk about him.

When Richard became famous, everyone was amazed at his unusual appearance, because he was not on any hormonal therapy and his well-defined muscles were due to sports and protein consumption.

At that time, Richard was training in a martial arts school and at the age of 8, his arms and legs were very strong and very fast.

He could lift up to 100 kilos of weight.

The boy spent his childhood eating lots of vegetables, sleeping on the floor to improve his posture, and doing whatever his coach told him.

He trained 7 hours a day.

However, things quickly changed. His childhood devoted entirely to bodybuilding has come to an end.

Currently, the young man works as a stuntman at Universal Studios in Hollywood.

He says he now eats pizza, chocolate croissants and is not at all interested in his body fat index.

“I’m very proud of my past, but I don’t want to live with memories,” he said.

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