A little boy saved the life of his twin sister: then he asked a striking question

This story was told by a doctor called Jim Clark and has gone viral on social media.

The doctor was fighting for the life of his five-year-old patient, Liz.

The child suffered from a rare disease and needed a blood transfusion to survive.

It was necessary to receive a blood donation from his twin brother, because the children had the same blood group and also the boy himself had survived the same disease.

Her blood contained an antibody that could save Liz’s life.

When Jim asked the boy if he would be willing to donate blood for his sister, the boy hesitated at first.

But when the doctor explained to him that it was the only way to save his sister’s life, he agreed.

During the transfusion, the children were lying next to each other.

Doctor Clark saw that Liz’s cheeks turned pink. That meant the little girl was saved.

But at the end of the operation, the boy suddenly became very serious and asked the doctor a question he would never forget: “So, when am I leaving this world?” 

The boy thought that with his blood, he was literally giving his life to save his sister’s.

The doctor immediately reassured him and said that he too will continue to live.

The doctor was struck by the deep love of the little boy and shared this wonderful story on the internet.

The story of these twins cannot leave anyone indifferent, especially because of the innocence of the little boy and the unconditional proof of his love.

According to the doctor, he is the best brother in the world.

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