Incredible Coincidence: This Cute Child’s Birthday Surprised The Whole Family

Young dad Connor Eppard is 27 years old. He and his 26-year-old wife Jordyn Eppard recently gave birth to their second child.

Their son is due July 17, but was born a grandchild on July 1.

“We just bought a house and moved in on June 29, two days before, and I guess that probably caused some joy,” Connor told ABC News of his wife’s delivery.

The day of birth of little Beauden Matthew James surprised relatives a lot, because in the family he was the third guy whose birthday was going to be celebrated on the first of July.

The proud parents said they are delighted it worked out this way, as Connor and his 86-year-old grandfather Jim Morissette, who has now become a great-grandfather, were also born on July 1.

Connor and his grandfather are very close, so they were very happy and said they couldn’t imagine it any other way. It was very special for them.

“I can’t express all my feelings. It was so exciting. It was just amazing to believe,” said great-grandfather Jim Morrisette.

On July 1, the Eppards always throw a big party.

And now the family was looking forward to their big July 1st birthday celebrations.

We get the whole family together and have a big barbecue and a big porridge of seafood.

Now it will be fun to celebrate the third anniversary too.

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