104 years after her birth, she still lives in the same house, but its value has increased 300 times

From the top of her 104 years, Elsie Allock has always lived in the same house since her birth.

“The main thing is to feel good at home”. This quote from rapper Oxmo Puccino perfectly illustrates the story of Elsie Allock, a 104-year-old Briton. Indeed, the centenarian has lived in the same house since birth.

In an interview with the tabloid The Sun , the old lady explains her choice. The latter was born in the house in 1918, in Huthwaite ( England ). At the time, his father rented the house for 7 shillings and 6 pence per month (or 0.44 euro).

Elsie’s pampered daily life changes when her mother dies of pneumonia. She chooses to stay to take care of her father. In 1941, she married her companion Bill, and the young couple settled in the building of their childhood.

“When Bill and I got married, we moved here and never left. My father died in 1949 and we finally bought the house in the 1960s ,” the centenarian told the news site.

At the time, the spouses managed to buy the pavilion for the sum of £250 (290 euros), with the help of the town council of the village. It was in this house so dear to her heart that Elsie raised her two children.

The house is now worth more than 80,000 euros.
Over the decades, the spouses have done a few small jobs: “ We kept the outside toilets since they are still working . Very little has changed over time. I wouldn’t have been happy anywhere else,” Elsie explained.

And the least we can say is that his cozy nest now costs a small fortune. At present, his property – bought for 290 euros – is worth £75,000 (87,000 euros). Despite the added value, the centenarian intends to end her old age at home: “ She will never leave this house . She loves her and she is full of memories,” revealed Elsie’s son.

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