Antoine, 78, is happy to give up his career to live on a boat and travel

After several years of success in the music world, Antoine decided to completely change his life. Find out what happened to him.

Antoine is no longer to be introduced to fans of 60s music. If he enjoyed great success in this field, it is above all thanks to his famous title “Les lucubrations”.

This song was immediately adored by the French and on every street corner, you could hear the lyrics. From then on, the life of this student from the Ecole Centrale took another turn.

He was even considered the rival of a great French rocker at the time. It is obviously Johnny Hallyday. Moreover, Antoine speaks of the Taulier in “Les lucubrations”.

In it, he proposed that Jade Hallyday’s father be put in a cage. For his part, the late rocker responded in his song “Hair long, ideas short”.

But if there were not so many conflicts between the two singers, Jean-Marie Périer still wanted them to make things clear. The photographer thus locked them in a room, only took them out if they “repaired”. Result: the two musicians kept in touch.

He decides to change his life
After enjoying success for more than a decade, Antoine decided in 1974, at the age of 30, to retire from the world of music. He then made the decision to explore the world with the help of different boats. Thanks to this, he was able to discover places such as Australia as well as New Zealand.

The ex-singer also fell in love with Polynesia. What he likes the most in this overseas territory of France, he says to France Dimanche, is “freedom”. During this same interview, Antoine also confessed that his love for travel was in him since his childhood.

The one who was born in Tamatave, Madagascar said that as a child, his family changed country all the time. Therefore, Antoine tried not to get attached to his friends when he was little because he knew he would be separated from them later.

Even though Antoine hasn’t sung for quite a while, he continues to inspire his fans through his many trips to the ocean.

“Thank you for making me dream with your travels”,the surfer told him.

The singer notably admitted not having regretted his career in the world of music. If he had to do it again, according to his words, he would do the same. However, even if he always admits to dancing and singing on board his boat, going on stage is not at all lacking in the rival of the Taulier.

“I have no nostalgia for show business, singing for a living no longer appeals to me. I had good times, it was fun, I did my best for eight years, but because I knew, deep down, that afterwards I was going to leave” he declared.

Note that Antoine has visited nearly “120 countries” in recent years. The singer says he is looking for places where you can be free.

Focus On His Private Life
Regarding his private life, Antoine is also a happy dad in real life. The interpreter of “Hello hello” has, in fact, had three children with a woman “whose life then separated her”.

His offspring, as he revealed in the columns of France Sunday, were all born in Tahiti. And if, Antoine was not always a present father, he tried to catch up when his children studied in the capital of France. From now on, the father and his three offspring have a very good relationship.

For information, the eldest of the singer is called Manea and “is a computer designer in a big box of video games in Montreal”. The second is called Takea, and works as a biological engineer, according to the revelations of his father. He also did a specialization at Paris Dauphine according to Johnny Hallyday’s rival.

Finally, Antoine’s youngest daughter is called Vaimiti and is very interested in cooking. She even took courses at the Paul Bocuse Institute. She also worked at the Bristol where she was able to find love.

We don’t know if Antoine has finally become a grandpa, but in 2016 he didn’t seem to be ready yet.

“And let’s say that my children will have children, but that I will not be a grandfather!”, he said.

Moreover, Antoine has also found love over the years. The chosen one of his heart is called Francette and she also travels from time to time with him despite being seasick.

On November 30, 2021, Antoine was invited to the show “L’instant de Luxe”. During the interview, the singer had agreed to talk about the amount he has received since he retired. And unlike other artists, Antoine doesn’t complain at all about the amount he earns each month.

“It’s 2,000 euros, roughly. And, it turns out that I have the Sacem mutual which roughly doubles that. So I don’t have to cry. It’s a very nice retirement and that’s what I wish a lot of people to have a nice retirement”, he confided.

Continuing, Francette’s companion nevertheless specified that the Sacem, which is an organization paying copyright to artists, does not offer him everything at 2000 euros, but about “1,300 or 1,400” euros. Thus, Antoine therefore receives less than 4000 euros while being retired.

Subsequently, Antoine returned to his time advertising Atol. He revealed that by then he had been earning close to €10,000 a month, “but not more”. It lasted 12 years, according to him.

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