Sophie Davant got upset by the reflection of an expert on her age

Monday June 13, 2022, Sophie Davant presented a new issue of Affaire concluded , on France 2 . Faced with a reflection about her age from the expert Yves Cosquéric, the host was a bit upset.

A reflection that made the main interested party wince… If at 59, Sophie Davant shines, she had the right to a little reflection about her age, Monday June 13, 2022. In a new issue of Affaire concluded , on France 2 , Nicolas, a 47-year-old Parisian, came to sell a bronze sculpture.

A fan of bowling, he confided to the host who was flirted with on a television set: “ There are competitions both individually and in doubles. It’s not considered a sport, but there is a federation!”

After adding that there were bowling world championships, the candidate added: ” In particular, we got a gold medal from the senior plus women’s team, so veterans, people who have more 50 years. “So, the expert Yves Cosquéric made a gesture towards Sophie Davant. “ Why are you showing me like that? It’s ‘senior plus’, and you’re pointing at me ! she exclaimed. Embarrassed, his sidekick then assured that he was also part of the category of over 50s.

Sophie Davant: “I do what it takes to stay presentable”

Monday November 16, 2020, the one who fell under the spell of a famous actor had made a funny remark about his physique in the program Affaire concluded , on France 2 . Analyzing the coffee table of a certain Murielle, the auctioneer Harold Hessel, had confided, pointing out its faults: “ She is nice, but she does not sell very well.

She is old. It is rather well restored, there have been customary restorations. “To everyone’s surprise, Sophie Davant had then declared with humor: “ It is rather well preserved! I feel like people are talking about me! “Thursday, November 21, 2019, in The interview without filter of Télé-Loisirs , the host had confided in her physique.

“ I do what it takes to stay presentable otherwise I wouldn’t show myself anymore. Doing the right thing means: trying not to gain weight, being nicely dressed, making sure you have a fresh face ,” she revealed. If she has “not yet had cosmetic surgery ”, she had not been categorical on the subject…

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