Patrick Fiori bought himself a house not far from his parents to be close to them

Patrick Fiori is a very popular singer in France. If he was able to find success, it is not only thanks to his talent, but also thanks to the support of his two parents. Focus on their relationship.

Born on September 23, 1969, Patrick Fiori is an emblematic figure in the world of music. What made him most famous was certainly his participation in Eurovision a few years ago. The musician represented France at the competition when he was only 23 years old.

From then on, he is considered one of the greatest French singers. During these years, he notably released several successful titles such as: “4 words on a piano” or “I hope you are well”.

Otherwise, the handsome brown also tried his hand at acting. Indeed, in 1998, he put himself in the shoes of Phœbus for the musical, “Notre-Dame de Paris”. A character who played an important role in the career of the companion of Ariane Quatrefages.

A Most Loving Son – His Relationship With His Parents
If the talent of Patrick Fiori allowed him to become famous, he certainly did not reach the peak of his career without the support of his family, including that of his parents.

Moreover, the singer spoke about his parents during his passage in “50 ‘Inside” in August 2022. The interpreter of “I go there” revealed the sacrifices they made for their son to reach his goal of become a singer.

“They followed me. Then they made households out of them. My father, he moved it where it arrived broken in 18. They did everything to make it work”, he declared.

A resident of Corsica, Patrick Fiori also lives near his parents’ house. He says he is lucky “to see them live and to have them” next to him.

Otherwise, if the musician also chose to drop his bags in Corsica, it is because he fell in love with this island. There, he says, he “feels to exist”. Note that the singer lived in Lyon for a few years before living on the island of beauty.

By the way, did you know that Patrick Fiori changed his last name when he was a teenager? In reality, the interpreter of “The people we love” had Chouchayan as a last name, which is obviously that of his father.

But at the age of 14, the darling of Ariane Quatrefages decided to change his surname, not because there were tensions between him and his dad, but because his classmates did not know how to pronounce his name.

Thus, Patrick Fiori decided to take his mother’s surname, which means “flowers” in Italian. And it is with this name that we all know him. With his mother, the singer has in particular an unbreakable bond.

Moreover, we saw Marie-Antoinette (name of Patrick Fiori’s mother, editor’s note) during “The secret song 6”, in September 2020. She had been surrounded by celebrities like Slimane, Kad Merad, Nikos Aliagas, who is the host of the show, but also of his famous son.

Otherwise, just like with his mother, Patrick Fiori also has a very good relationship with his father. It is also with the latter that the companion of Ariane Quatrefages made the acquaintance of stars like Dalida or Léon Zitrone when he was only 14 years old.

“At the time, all these good people didn’t make me feel that the profession was cruel. I discovered it afterwards”, he remembered.

Eurovision Candidate – His Dispute With Another Participant Of The Music Competition
On September 9, 2022, Patrick Fiori was invited to “C à vous”, on the occasion of the release of his new album, entitled “Corzu Mezu Mezu 2”. During his stint in Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine’s program, the handsome brunette saw a video taken during one of his first performances on television.

The image dates, in fact, from the passage of Patrick Fiori, in the program “40 degrees in the shade”, in 1993. That day, the husband of Ariane Quatrefages sang “Mama corsica”. This is a title that the singer had sung during Eurovision.

Watching the video, Patrick remembered the time when he participated in the musical competition. He revealed that he had an argument with another contestant.

“I got confused with a country whose name I will not name. A very jealous gentleman, really badly brought up who decided to tackle me against the wall. He was aggressive. Nobody knows that”, he said.

However, despite this misadventure, Patrick Fiori preferred to keep only the good memories of his participation in Eurovision.

If this competition allowed him to achieve a certain notoriety, it is above all the fact that he sang “half French, half Corsican” which pleased the singer the most.

Continuing his secrets, the interpreter of “Belle” notably revealed the meaning of the song “Mama corsica” which he had sung during the competition. In fact, this title, according to her words, is a declaration of love to the one who gave birth to her.

“When I sing at this time with this awful shirt and this long hair of footballers, I really think of the mama what! It’s sincere. I have 52 brooms. I say, I have no problem with that. And I sing for her”, he declared.

A dedication that surely pleased his mother at that time. In addition, the musician also finds love and comfort alongside his two children.

Even if he has always preferred to keep them away from the media hype, it sometimes happens that Patrick Fiori talks about them during his interviews.

In “50′ Inside”, for example, the singer affirmed that his sons can participate in “The Voice kids”, provided that they do not take him as a coach. It’s clear!

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