63-year-old woman dumps everything and leaves to live in a motorhome

Many people dream of leaving behind their monotonous life of work and responsibilities to go on an adventure and savor the taste of freedom by traveling the length and breadth of the country. But only a few have the courage to actually do it. Siobhan Daniels, a 63-year-old former BBC journalist from Tunbridge Wells in Kent, UK, made this bold choice and never looked back: three years ago she bought a £45,000 motorhome she affectionately called ‘Dora the Explorer’ and now uses it to travel far and wide across England.

The woman, who worked for BBC South East, explained that her old job suffocated her, while today she feels free: “I don’t even have to pay rent,” she commented. Between stops, Siobhan is based in Dorset, where she works on a farm in exchange for electricity. One of the most ‘ungrateful’ jobs is dealing with horse manure, but Siobhan takes on this task with a smile.

In addition to the stress of work, Siobhan had to deal with the change in mood due to menopause: “I was perpetually worried and angry at the world,” she explained. Siobhan went on to explain that the stress started to take over her life and drove her to “fake it” as she didn’t know where to turn for advice. After making sure her daughter – now 32 – was fine, the 63-year-old decided to change her life and give it a try.

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