This intelligent robot cooler created by Heineken is able to follow you everywhere with cold beers

Like every year, are you looking for the object that will make your summer an exceptional moment? Well you can stop everything because we have found the gadget that will change your life for you!

Indeed, the famous beer brand Heineken unveiled in 2021 the “BOT”, which stands for “Beer Outdoor Transporter”. This is a robot whose objective is to follow you with a dozen cold beers and a large quantity of ice cubes on board. It may make you smile, but one of the most unusual inventions in this field is indeed real.

Equipped with several cameras and motion sensors, the small intelligent and autonomous vehicle is able to follow you without any difficulty in order to offer you something to refresh yourself at any time of the day. And when you know the particularly hot temperatures that can occur during the summer season, this option is really not negligible.

Thanks to its artificial intelligence, the BOT avoids obstacles and follows you in most outdoor places.

If the idea is above all to make people talk on social networks and to promote the brand image, some lucky customers were able to take advantage of the Beer Outdoor Transporter for real last summer.

Indeed, Heineken had launched a contest to win its copy on the dedicated website . We don’t know about you, but on our side, we know a lot of people who would be really happy to get their hands on this absolutely brilliant robot !

Obviously, having said that, we remind you that the consumption of alcohol is dangerous for your health and that you must therefore be reasonable.

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