Iceland: he flies over an erupting volcano with his drone and captures breathtaking images

Braving molten lava and fiery ash spewed from Geldingadalur’s Fagradalsfjall volcano, the Iceland Aerials team sent a GoPro over the impressive erupting geological formation. For this, the group of passionate experts has chosen to attach the small camera to a drone in order to obtain unique images like an “on-board camera”.

Once again, the technology will have made it possible to capture spectacular images by being much closer to the burning scene than a normally constituted human could have done. Through the video of approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds that we share in this article and filmed in November 2021, you will have the opportunity to fly over an erupting volcano as if you were a small bird that weaves its way between bursts of magma and smoke.

This absolutely unique sensation is made possible by the skillful and daring piloting of the members of the Iceland Aerials team who regularly put their talent at the service of nature lovers in general and Iceland in particular . The country is already magnificent in normal times, but with an additional grandiose eruption, it becomes fantastic.

Especially since the video was shot at night which makes it even more incredible!

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