This Recently Adopted Smart Dog Saved His Owner Dragging Him To His Cell Phone

Charles is very fond of dogs. Six months ago he went to the shelter to pick out his adorable dog. Hercules has it much longer.

He was a five-year-old German Shepherd. He was sad at the shelter because his former owner had abandoned him.

Seeing the new visitor, the dog looked at him curiously, wagging his tail.

Charles brought Hercules home and they befriended the man and his adopted dog.

One day, Charles suffered a stroke and fell on the floor at home. Hercules understood that there was a problem with his owner.

The heroic dog has done something extraordinary. First he licked his face to keep him awake, then he dragged him across the apartment to his cell phone.

The man picked up the phone and called an ambulance. The dog circled around its master until the doctors arrived.

When Charles was in the hospital recovering from rehab, the dog stayed with his family members until his recovery was complete.

Charles is very grateful to his recently adopted but much loved dog because he heroically saved his life like a true, loyal friend.

And also he likes the character traits of Hercules.

He is a very gifted creature and does not trust everyone.

There are instances when animals are smarter and more dedicated than humans.

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