They refuse to sell their forever home to property developers, despite multi-million offers

Today we tell you the beautiful story of a family who stubbornly refuses to sell their house to real estate developers, who have nevertheless offered them millions of dollars.

It is well known, money does not buy happiness and some things cannot be bought!

The Zammits, who reside in the suburbs of Sydney ( Australia ), are living proof of this.

For years, this Australian family has refused to give up their forever home , despite the huge offers from developers, still and always resisting the real estate invader.

Surrounded by a brand new residential complex, which came out of the ground in a few months, the family property, located in the peripheral district “The Ponds”, thus acts as an exception in the middle of the other individual houses which all look alike.

This splendid residence , built on a plot of 1.99 hectares, has 5 bedrooms as well as a breathtaking and exceptional view of the Blue Mountains chain.

A large and beautiful alley, 200 meters long and worthy of a royal residence, connects the house to one of the main arteries of the district.

All surrounded by a huge lawn very well maintained and delimited by a fence of 750 meters. Seen from the sky, this configuration gives the property the appearance of an enclave in the heart of this new residential district.

A situation that has therefore aroused the greed of developers, interested in the potential of this land. The latter have thus made several offers to the Zammits, some of which amount to several million Australian dollars, in vain!

Very attached to this house, in which they have many memories, the family has always refused to sell, considering that their home was worth all the gold in the world.

And it has never stopped increasing in value over the years!

According to the Daily Mail , the property is now estimated at more than… 40 million dollars (approximately 26,000,000 euros) whereas it was worth “only” 4.75 million 10 years ago.

Sums that could make anyone’s head spin but not the Zammits family. According to the latest news, she has no plans to sell and still likes her neighborhood which has changed a lot.

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