Influencer ends up disfigured after lip surgery that turns into a nightmare

After having injections in her lips, an influencer saw her mouth double in size. The young woman recounted her misadventure on social networks.

Jessica Burko is a very active lifestyle influencer on the TikTok social network. Recently, one of his posts quickly went viral. The reason? The young woman posted a video where she appears with ultra-puffy lips.

The one who wanted to have injections in the lips explains that she went to a doctor she did not know. One thing is certain: she did not expect to come out with such a swollen mouth after her operation.

” I went to get my lips done yesterday, and something awful happened ,” Jessica said in her video. In the images, we see the young woman with a cream applied to her lips.

The problem? She found herself with a completely disfigured face: “ Immediately after the injection, I looked at myself in the mirror and realized how swollen I was ,” she explained to her community.

Faced with this situation, Jessica – who has several injections to her credit – kept her cool. However, she decided to remove the acid from her lips because the swelling was impressive. As surprising as it may seem, the beauty influencer will continue to redo her mouth.

This is not the first time such a mishap has happened. Last November, reality TV contestant Marwa Merazka suffered from an allergy after injections into her lips.

” You see me laughing about it now, but I really came close to disaster because the swelling can take your throat and you can have difficulty breathing ,” said the young woman at the time.

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