Farès’s mother decides to combat bullying to ensure the safety of her son

At the end of March, a 12-year-old child was the victim of bullying in his college. Pushed by his comrades, he ended up in the hospital. Since then, his mother has refused to put him back in the establishment.

Farès is a 12-year-old child who returned to Jules Verne college in Carcassonne last September. The little boy has Doose syndrome, which creates a slight cognitive delay in him and causes him to walk slowly. Because of his disability, he has been the target of his comrades since the start of the school year and has received numerous ridicule and insults.

No one intervened until something happened.

“On March 22, I was alerted by a friend that my child was bleeding, that he had fallen down the stairs , explained Farès’ mother. When I arrived, help was there, but no one from the college had called me. My son told me that he had been pushed by students. I wasn’t really surprised, since the start of the school year in September, things were going crescendo and nobody did anything. There, he ended up in the hospital, it’s too much.”

Farès was taken out of school
Following this incident, Farès’ mother decided to file a complaint and an investigation was opened. She also kicked him out of middle school until a solution was found. Although the academic manager affirms that Farès “will be well received and will enjoy absolute security” , his mother does not want to take any risks.

“I am told that my son must return to college, I obviously agree, but Farès has been harassed and without guarantees, there is no question for the moment that he will return to college, she said . My son is terrified. He doesn’t want to go back to class, and I don’t either. I’m told he’ll be safe, but how can I be sure? Names have been cited, I do not know if these students have been heard by the courts. What I do know is that they have not been confronted with my son and that they are still schooled at Jules Verne. There was no disciplinary council, they were not excluded, who tells me that they are not going to start again? How do you expect Fares not to be afraid? If he goes back to college, he’ll run into those who hurt him.”

Since the media coverage of this case, some students and teachers of the college have received threats on social networks. In the meantime, the investigation continues its course. If you are a victim or witness of school bullying , it is possible to reach 3020, a free help number set up by the government.

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