The little angel has already grown up and fascinates everyone with her flawless beauty

All parents think that their child is the best And some of them are happy to share their happiness with others by posting pictures of their daughters and sons on the Internet. And that’s exactly what Stephanie did: the young mother posted a photo of her daughter Amai on her account. Many visitors to Stephanie’s page doubted that the photos were real, because the girl in the photos looked like a beautiful doll.

Some accused the mother of over-editing the photos and using special filters that could have changed her appearance. Amaya’s appearance is very remarkable and very abnormal. Her eyes are meant to be large, her eyelashes are meant to be long, dark and thick, and her perfect lips, with sharp, rounded edges, look as if they were drawn in with lipstick or pencil. In fact, Amaya’s inadequate look is due to a combination of genes from different nationalities.

She was born into an international family with a Latvian citizen and an African-American citizen. And mestizos are almost always beautiful. Stephanie said her daughter’s eyelashes have been thick and long since she was born, and to convince everyone that Amaya’s look was authentic, her mother posted a video showing a close-up of Amaya’s face.

At the time, we needed that the young girl was really beautiful by nature and that Stephanie had not faked the photos.

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