The most unique twins: 45-year-old mum is happy she made the right choice

Not that the amazing little ones with Down syndrome are often referred to as ‘sunny’. After all, these little ones are distinguished by such qualities as kindness, unique responsiveness, sincere cheerfulness and philanthropy. But, of course, having learned about such a disease in their unborn children, many parents experience real stress.

The most unique twins: A 45-year-old mum is happy she made the right choice. They need time to accept the situation as it is and actually become happy. So Julie McConnell, 45, when she discovered that her two future twins will have had a genetic pathology, was horrified. His first idea was to give the boys up for adoption. But she found the strength to face this difficult situation.

Children are capable of feeling, but not of analyzing their feelings; even when the analysis takes place partially in their thought, they do not know how to express in words the result of this operation. Children are quality of life… when our children are happy, then we are better off as human beings.

And, for the future, we can say with certainty that mom did not regret it! Julie and her husband, Dan, carefully planned for the pregnancy and knew the possible risks of conceiving and carrying a baby. Before considering a pregnancy, the couple was warned of the possible risks of pathologies related to the age of the parents.

The couple admit that the day the future little ones were determined to be the worst of their lives, and the following months of waiting for them to be born were unbearably painful. But, after speaking with couples who have already had a similar experience, and having received some information, it became easier to accept the current situation.

When for the first time the woman saw her twins (Charlie and Milo), she managed an indescribable pleasure and realized the mistake she could have made. “My heart doesn’t skip just looking at them! Julie admits. Everyone knows that the risk of birth of special little ones depends on the age of the future mother. Thus, at the age of 25, the probability of having babies with Down syndrome is 1/1400, but after 40 it is about 1/60.

But the probability of having twins with a similar genetic abnormality is about 14:1,000,000. They try to spend more time with the little ones, but they are very worried about their future: how others will treat them, if their little ones will be mistreated and ridiculed, how they will fulfill themselves in the future. But it’s already after… In the meantime, the McConnell family is happy and enjoying every day they live! We will also keep them successful in the education of the little ones and prosperity!

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