On his birthday, the poor old man went to the store, asked for a cake, and look what these wonderful kids did

The last days of each month are very hard for me, as my pension is almost exhausted and I have no other income. My only income is my retirement, because I am not married, never have been, and therefore I have no children, and I have no help or support. That day was my birthday. I have no one to remember my birthday. Before, only my sister came as a guest, but she is dead․ gave in and now I have no one.

But what should I do, I’m all alone, I’m not human? I even decided to eat a cupcake that day, on the occasion of my birthday․ I went to the store under our building, asked what kind of cakes they had, said it was my birthday.

These employees also said: dear grandfather, you go up to the house, when we get it, we bring you a fresh cake. I went up and waited upstairs. Shortly after, there was a knock on the door. Let’s see, the employees of this store came to my birthday in the beautiful clothes, full of food, gifts, balloons and a big cake. My heart was full, I felt so happy.

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