Mom couldn’t calm her baby girl on the plane and then the unexpected happened

A fascinating and sweet story happened about a month ago with Jessica Rudin, mother of a 4-month-old and 3-year-old baby.

So this woman left on a plane with her two children.

She couldn’t feed the youngest before boarding. And the eldest, Caroline, who had been excited about the adventure ahead before entering the cabin, suddenly had a change of heart and started shouting that she wasn’t going to fly anywhere.

“I thought they were going to get us off the plane,” Jessica said.

But then a miracle happened – a neighbor in the row named Todd came to the woman’s aid.

First, he offered to hold the baby so that Rudin could tie his daughter. Then he met the girl and began to talk to her so that her mother could calmly feed the baby.

But the interaction between the nice man and the Rudin family did not end there.

Todd drew pictures with Caroline, watched movies with her, and asked her a million different questions.

Then he helped Jessica and the children off the plane, carried the luggage to the gate (Rudin was flying with the children with a transfer) and walked with the girl by the hand all the way of the journey.

Then it turned out that they also had a joint flight – Todd also flew with them.

Moreover, before the second flight, he even changed places with other passengers to sit next to Jessica and her children!

Jessica wrote that she had never felt such care and attention from someone who, in fact, shouldn’t care about her.

According to her, Todd told her he decided to help because his wife was once in that position too. She flew with two young sons and was also assisted by a fellow flight attendant.

Rudin noted that after the trip she managed to contact Todd. They agreed to meet their families and spend time together.

Caroline can’t wait to meet her new friend!

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