For 25 years this man disappeared in a cave: people saw with real delight what he had hidden

Some people like to cook, some like to garden, some like to play sports, etc.

Ra Paulette has a completely different vocation in life.

Only 25 years after entering a cave in New Mexico, USA, he showed what’s inside, and it’s truly amazing.

If you look in the dictionary to find out the meaning of the word “selfless”, then, probably, a photograph of Ra Paulette will be placed next to the text.

If not, someone just needs to modify the contents of the dictionary.

For 25 years Ra isolated himself from the outside world, retreating to a cave in New Mexico, USA.

He only had a dog as a companion.

But why, you ask?

Only for the opportunity to create what he loves most in life.

Have you already guessed?

If not, I’ll help – it’s a work of art!

What he did in the cave can be considered very exceptional.

Working stoneware with simple tools, Ra Paulette has created incredible masterpieces.

When he invited people to look at the results of his work, many of them felt like they had entered the world of fairy tales.

One can go on describing the incredible beauty of his creations, but words cannot capture what the eyes see.

Various shapes and figures are depicted throughout: some are bold in their splendor, others combine the intricacy of detail and geometry.

Inside, you might want to pinch yourself to make sure it’s not a dream.

And he did it all by hand!

Moreover, Ra Paulette has transformed more than one cave into a work of art.

He has decorated about ten of these caves and says he is not going to stop there.

Some of its carefully designed caves are equipped with beds, and one even has running water.

When asked if he was obsessed with his art, he replied: Do you call a child obsessed with a game?

You know, when you do what you love, you want to do it all the time.

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