They make love 4 times a week, go on vacation 12 times a year and don’t want to ruin everything by having children

More and more people don’t want children. This is the case of Taylor and Justin Vasu, an American couple, who explains their choice in the columns of the Daily Mail.

Taylor Vasu, 28, and her husband Justin, 27, are formal: the two Americans do not want children . The reason ? They want to maintain their independence, as well as their privacy. In an interview with the Daily Mail, the latter explain why they made the choice not to become parents.

The lovebirds, who have been together for six years, spend their free time traveling, playing sports together or sleeping in on Sundays. A routine that suits them both.

As they specify, this way of life allows them to “ make love four times a week, go on vacation twelve times a year and enjoy relaxation sessions on weekends ”.

“When you have children, your life is over”
Like many people, Taylor and her partner are afraid that the arrival of a baby will ruin their love and their relationship : ” Some people say that when you have children, your life is over ,” said the young British everyday woman.

The one who works as an interior designer says that the Covid-19 pandemic motivated her choice not to become a mother.

“ We lost two years of our life to Covid. We both love to travel (…) Now that the world is working again, we want to visit all the places we missed ”.

Still according to him, the fact of not having children also helps to maintain the spark under the duvet: ” You are not as tired, so you can have sex during the week if you wish “, she said.

In their testimony, the spouses recall that a child is expensive, especially in the United States: “ We want to wait until we are financially ready before becoming parents ”.

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