She claims that women hate her because she is too beautiful and her beauty only brings her negative

A young American claims that her beauty does not grant her any privileges, lamenting in particular that other women hate her out of jealousy.

Some argue that people with an attractive physique start out with an edge in life. A privilege of beauty in a way that would greatly facilitate the daily lives of these people.

However, this is not the opinion of a certain Brenttany Sharraine.

This American indeed affirms that her beauty only brings her negative things because men are only interested in her physique, while women hate her out of jealousy.

“Seductive”, she does not believe in the privilege of her beauty which would only bring her negative
Speaker, this young 27-year-old New Yorker thus evoked her daily life “ as an attractive woman ” in a viral video from 2021 which has just resurfaced.

In this sequence published on Tik Tok, Brenttany says that she has always been treated differently because of her appearance and that this treatment has not always been benevolent or positive.

She reveals in particular that men have treated her like a trophy in the past and that her beauty has often put her at odds with some of her friends.

Brenttany also refutes the idea that she would be favored in life thanks to her physical appearance.

However, she recognizes that this parameter could help her in her professional career. ” I’ve been invited to events and meetings with business partners ,” she explains.

What about his relationship with other women? According to Brenttany, this one has always been tarnished by its beauty. ” Women told me that I was a p… when they met me for the first time ,” she confides to illustrate her point.

According to the young woman, beauty would not be so easy to live with!

Do you understand his point of view?

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