A couple uses the wrong account number and pays 760,000 euros… to a complete stranger

In Australia, a rapper in his twenties has spent without counting hundreds of thousands of dollars received by mistake in his bank account.

To err is human, but sometimes it does a lot of damage. And it is not this couple of Australians who would dare to say the opposite. The reason ? In 2021, the two spouses mistakenly transferred 750,000 dollars (about 761,000 euros) to the bank account of a complete stranger.

At the time, the lucky beneficiary, a 24-year-old rapper named Abdel Ghadia, had the surprise of his life when he discovered all this money in his account. And the least we can say is that the young man hastened to spend it.

According to a report by the Fairfield Advocate, the budding artist purchased gold bars, clothing, foreign currency, makeup, as well as beauty products. Without real surprise, this crazy adventure ended some time later.

The rapper will be tried soon
Also according to the report, the couple accidentally entered a fake account number when making the transfer. The main concerned were far from suspecting that this error was going to lead them into a downward spiral.

The latter were in the process of finalizing the purchase of a new house at the time of the events. The $759,314 was supposed to land in the account of Commonwealth Bank, one of Australia’s Big Four Banks . Abdel Ghadia appeared on Wednesday November 2 before the Burwood local court, where he pleaded guilty. He will be tried on December 2.

As reported by The Daily Mail, an independent magazine published in 2018 described Abdel Ghadia as a humble young man, who had a great future in the music industry. The latter has also released several albums and has performed in concert halls.

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