How the prettiest twins changed: They’re famous almost from birth

These amazing babies were born on July 7, 2010. For mom, they were the most beautiful, but it turned out that not only she thinks so.

When the photos of the babies hit the web, the family received dozens of offers from agents. The crumbs invited themselves to the cinema, to advertising and simply to photo shoots.

Jaka’s mother decided that the girls were too small for such work and for a long time ignored the offers. Many people talk about the Clements family now. They are called the “model family”.

When Marie and Rose were 7 years old, their mother asked the girls if they would like to be models. The children agreed and since then they have been waiting for success.

The girls’ brother has also received several filming offers.

Now that the little ones have grown up, they are already 9 years old. Every year they become more beautiful and more popular.

The girls successfully work in the field of fashion and advertising.

They see work as play. Mom ensures that the girls do not overload themselves and have time to learn their lessons. Children will also swim and dance.

Babies love attention and becoming models is their dream come true.

Until now, their mother is criticized for allowing them to work with agencies. Some believe that she robbed the children of childhood.

Looking at the photos of happy, smiling girls, it’s hard to imagine that they are unhappy. The little ones go to school and play sports, and modeling is just their hobby.

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