Locked up in a mall for 30 years, this female gorilla “suffers from extreme psychological distress”

Bua Noi the gorilla has been locked in a cage in a Thai mall for 30 years to attract tourists. For years, animal rights associations have been trying to free her, in vain.

Aged over thirty, Bua Noi (which means “Little Lotus” in Thai) has spent almost as long behind bars at the Pata Zoo, between the 6th and 7th floors of a building housing a shopping mall, in Bangkok. .

A tourist attraction from which the zoo does not seem to want to part, despite the many calls for the release of the female gorilla for a long time. Faced with the immobility of the Thai zoo, animal rights defenders demonstrated in their own way.

A graffiti with the words ” Free Bua Noi!” was written on the walls of the building. An inscription that did not please the managers of the zoo who offered a reward of 2700 euros for any information leading to the culprit.

According to the defense association PETA, Bua Nai “ suffers from extreme psychological distress ”. The primate is the only representative of its species, gorillas not being an endemic species to Thailand, and cannot go out into the wild.

A tragic captivity situation that does not correspond to his needs. “ She needs to be with her loved ones, or at least out in the open with the ability to see things, to smell nature, to see birds flying, ” says Edwin Wiek, founder of the advocacy group. environment Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, for AFP.

An orangutan, goats and parrots are in the same situation as Bua Nai. Their release into their natural environment is demanded, but despite the strong support of singer Cher and new laws to protect native species, the zoo does not give in.

The latter has just asked for the renewal of his operating license and ensures that the gorilla is well treated and that his expenses are higher than the benefits he brings them… The associations do not give up either and multiply the arguments to convince the authorities to release Bua Nai and his companions from captivity.

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