Daughter hit a bully at school, mom praises her and shocks netizens

In England, a mother has sparked a debate on social networks. The reason? In a tweet, the latter praised her 16-year-old daughter for hitting her bully at school. A reaction that divides the web.

Recently, the wife of former Southampton ( England ) striker Charlie Austin found herself at the heart of a controversy on social networks. In a tweet, Bianca Austin praised her 16-year-old daughter for punching her bully at school

” After weeks of bullying orchestrated by the same person, numerous phone calls to school that didn’t change anything, today, when she was being insulted, my daughter finally punched her in the the face of his executioner. I’m proud of her ,” the 35-year-old mom wrote on Twitter .

Unsurprisingly, the message quickly went viral. In total, the post garnered over 2 million views and nearly 17,000 likes. And the least we can say is that Bianca’s reaction has divided internet users.

In the comments, some people supported the 30-year-old while praising her daughter’s behavior.

” I’m generally a pacifist, but the best advice I’ve ever been given is don’t let the bullies off the hook “, ” If you’re being bullied, beat -YOU. If you see someone being bullied, stand up for them ,” one of the many reactions read.

However, other users claim that the victim’s “fight back” only made the problem worse, as these comments demonstrate: ” Intimidating someone ‘back’ by hitting them is also a form of bullying “, ” It is no wonder that bullying never stops in schools “.

Faced with this situation, Bianca shared her own definition of bullying : ” Bullying is repeated behavior aimed at hurting someone emotionally and physically ,” she wrote in a new post.

Before adding: “ My daughter has no malicious intentions, all she wants is to be left alone ”.

Bianca, who is currently training as a nurse, then shared with her 11,000 followers the punishment her daughter received for the incident.

” She was kicked out of school for two days, while her classmate returned to class because she was only verbally aggressive .”

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