The couple wins £3million Victorian home with lottery ticket

In England, a father has won a house worth 3 million pounds thanks to a lottery ticket sold for 50 pounds .

Kevin Johnson, 34, was born under a lucky star. The reason ? The Briton has won a house worth 3,000,000 pounds (about 3,395,869 euros) thanks to a lottery ticket.

The father-of-four, who currently rents a flat with his wife, was flabbergasted when he learned he had won a London townhouse after buying an ‘Omaze Million Pound House Draw’ lottery ticket, for just 50 pounds sterling (56 euros).

First prize in a draw organized for the benefit of the British Heart Foundation, the four-bedroom Victorian villa is located in Islington, a district of Greater London. Kevin and his family will also receive the sum of 100,000 pounds (113,286 euros) to facilitate their move.

” We’ve always wanted to own our own house one day, so it’s really a dream come true for us ,” the father told the Metro news site.

Before adding: “ When Omaze called me for the first time, I recognized the voice of the lady of the advertisements and I knew that it was authentic. On the other hand, I had no idea that we had won a house ”.

One who exercises the trade of carpenter will not need to use his talents because the dwelling “is perfect”. The couple now have the option of moving in or renting out the property.

” We are thrilled that Kevin and his family have won their dream home ,” said Omaze’s International Director. ” We are incredibly proud that the Omaze community has raised a staggering £2,000,000 for the British Heart Foundation in such a short time .”

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