His pet is a crocodile who sleeps in his bed and behaves like a dog

Jonathan Araiza, a 29-year-old Mexican, talks about his daily life alongside his pet, which is none other than a… crocodile.

In the pet department, we often think of dogs, cats, rabbits or hamsters. Some have reptiles and we then think of snakes, chameleons or other iguanas but never… crocodiles !

One of the most dangerous carnivores in the world rarely has a place within the walls of a house, especially in total freedom, but Gamora, a domestic crocodile, has all the latitude to roam as he sees fit with his master.

Indeed, a 29-year-old Mexican, Jonathan Araiza, testifies to the tender and docile behavior of his female crocodile, named Gamora. According to him, the reptile behaves like a dog who loves cuddles and even comes to sleep with him in the bed.

“She is free to roam the house as she pleases and spends her time lying in the armchairs, in my bed, she knows how to climb the stairs and goes back and forth in her pool, as she pleases” says Jonathan to from the Daily Mirror.

He named the crocodile Gamora in reference to the Guardians of the Galaxy character because when he bought her, she was an “aggressive little green animal,” like the character played by Zoe Saldana.

But how to explain that such a dangerous animal can turn out to be so gentle and harmless? Especially since a crocodile generally does not allow itself to be tamed and Jonathan admits that he is very surprised by his behavior.

“There are few cases of crocodiles that can adapt as well in captivity as she does, and the fact that she lets herself be carried away, being close without getting angry and without being aggressive is surprising (.. .). She even agrees to participate in videos and photo shoots as a model” concedes Jonathan.

In the house, Gamora is not the only animal since there are also two chihuahuas, which she has never attacked, as well as a few alligator turtles who share her pool.

Of course, to satisfy Gamora’s stomach, Jonathan cooks her a well-thought-out carnivorous diet of rabbit, rat, beef, chicken and shellfish: “She doesn’t need to eat every day and generally, I have enough food for two weeks, I just have to think about defrosting the food when it’s the day to eat” .

The young man must also control the temperature of his house so that the crocodile is in the correct environment. Without forgetting to take care of the pool daily!

“As soon as I wake up, I check the thermostat to be sure of the temperature in the room. After that, I also have to wash the pond filter because the animal is so large and its excrement is so full of bones that it is important to wash the filter daily to keep the water clean” .

And what about his personal life? Jonathan has enough time for his girlfriend, who has quickly adapted to having to share him with a crocodile : “He’s a reptile that loves attention, and my girlfriend also has reptiles as pets. of companies so they both managed to get along very quickly” .

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