Her dog is exchanged by mistake, she lives 4 months with another animal without realizing it

We swapped our female dogs! No, this is not the concept of a new reality show but the funny situation experienced by two families a few years ago. Narrative.

Our animal friends are our most faithful companions and when we know them by heart, the slightest change in suspicious behavior should alert us because it generally never bodes well.

Some pet owners, who have had funny experiences, can attest to this. This is particularly the case of an anonymous Reddit user who said that she lived four months with a dog that was not hers, following the error of a groomer.

This incredible story took place 8 years ago but is currently resurfacing in certain media.

It all starts when the owner in question observes a sudden change in the attitude of her dog, baptized Emma, ​​following a visit to the groomer.

Resulting from a cross between a German Shepherd and a Newfoundland, this female, usually so calm, is indeed very aggressive overnight, on her return from grooming.

“ When we picked her up, she started acting very strange. Physically, she was identical, but mentally, she was not there (…) she started to become more aggressive. She bit my hand as I tried to feed him. She totally ignored people she knew and liked , ”says her owner on the social network Reddit .

Taken aback, the latter nevertheless attributes this behavior to stress but also to the absence of her father (who had to leave his family temporarily for professional reasons), which the dog particularly appreciates.

Four months will pass and Emma’s behavior will not improve.

Incredulous and helpless, his mistress finds herself distraught but a phone call will change everything. On the other end of the line, her groomer explains to her that the dog she thinks is Emma is in fact… not hers.

The owner thus learns that an incredible exchange took place between two dogs during her previous visit to the professional.

But what is even more incredible is that the retrieved dog was none other than Emma’s…sister, which explains the confusing resemblance. Coming from the same litter, they had indeed been separated and then adopted by two different families.

After realizing his blunder, the groomer therefore repaired his error, not without apologizing.

“ For 4 months, I took care of and loved this dog that I called Emma. She looked exactly like my dog, but was somewhat different from the Emma I knew ,” sums up the owner.

After so many adventures, Emma was finally able to return to her home.

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