Meet Jogi, the first baby white rhino born in France this year. He is adorable

A baby white rhinoceros was born on the night of February 22 to 23 at the Safari de Peaugres (Ardèche). A happy event synonymous with good news for this endangered species.

Pink notebook at the zoological park of Peaugres (Ardèche): a baby white rhinoceros showed up on February 23, after a 16-month gestation. This is the first birth of the year in France for this species from Africa.

On the day of his birth, little Jogi weighed about 40 kilograms. You may not know it, but baby rhinos are born without horns, explains the Safari de Peaugres in a press release: ” Nature being well done, baby rhinos are born without horns and with soft nails, without risk of injuring their mother. during whelping (…) The nails will harden from the first days and the horn will grow continuously (about 7cm per year) while constantly wearing out ”.

After having rested with his mother Malia, the mini pachyderm was presented to the public. At the moment, he is allowed to go out when the weather permits. Note that Jogi is the sixth white rhinoceros born at the Ardèche zoo .

This birth is good news for this endangered species. This terrestrial mammal is divided into two subspecies: the northern white rhinoceros and the southern white rhinoceros.

The white rhinoceros is threatened by poaching. Its horns, highly prized in Asia, sell for exorbitant prices. This species is also threatened by the loss of its natural habitat.

As specified by France 3 Regions, the Safari de Peaugres participates in 48 European breeding programs for endangered species. The animal park is committed to the “ Save the Rhino ” program. This association works for the protection of rhinos living in the wild.

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