United States: this high school student was accepted in 72 universities and her choice was immediate

In Florida, a teenager decided to challenge herself and apply to 90 different universities. She was eventually accepted into 72 of them.

Ja’Leaha Thornton is a high school student who lives in Florida . The young woman is finishing her last year of high school and in anticipation of the future, she has decided to extend her studies and go to university. Last September, she started sending her applications to different faculties.

However, the young woman decided to give herself a challenge and to apply to 90 different universities , in order to broaden her horizons and see how many universities would accept to welcome her.

A high school student accepted into 72 universities
Of her 90 applications, Ja’Leaha Thornton was accepted at 72 universities. Faced with so many choices, the high school student finally decided to go to Xavier University, in Louisiana, to study chemistry and specialize in pre-medical psychology.

“At first I was looking to become a child psychiatrist, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to work with people who had committed crimes to try to get them back on track, to know their story and see how they could get out of it. out in their new life ,” the student explained.

While waiting to enter this new university, the high school student is preparing her speech for the graduation ceremony which will take place next month. During this event, Ja’Leaha Thornton thinks of thanking all the people who have helped her during her school career.

“I just wanted to make sure to thank my family, especially my mother, my great-grandmother, my grandmother and my uncle. They have been a solid base for me. I believe in the saying ‘it takes a village to build a child’, and this was my village. I also want to thank my school family, my guidance counselor, my teachers and my friends. Almost everyone who helped me along the journey ,” she claimed.

In addition to integrating her new university in Louisiana, the student has several projects for her future. She would like to continue her studies abroad, in Asia, and create her own organization to raise awareness about mental health.

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